Sunday, April 25, 2010

Army Graduation

My Special Nephew Matthew, who we call Beau graduated from Army Boot Camp this past weekend and I was lucky enough to be able to attend his graduation. We are all so proud of him. He really loves it and I can see the difference in him. It was very interesting looking at life on an Army base. We even went to the PX on was cool.
Here are the pictures from our visit with Beau. We got to spend two days with him before he was shipped off to start his training for the next 10 months, first in Alabama for 10 weeks then to Pensacola for the rest of his training.
This was his first time he was able to leave the Base since he started Basic Training, so he was so excited. He wanted to eat real food, put on civilian clothes (had to buy some new ones because he's lost so much weight) and  buy a new cell phone and get on his laptop!!

Graduation Day
Ft. Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina

Gina , Chad (Proud Parents) & Billy waiting for Graduation to start
Me (Proud Aunt) & Billy
Billy had to wear his Camo Clothes all weekend...

Beau & Billy
(Beau gave Billy an Army Bear, he never put it down)
Gina & Beau
Me & My Beauzer
Chad & Beau
Beau at the Solomon Center on Base
Showing us the Barricks

Beau sleeps in the Top Bunk
Showing us his locker

The other side of the Barricks
They have thier own wall
Beau's signature
The Tower Beau loved climbing
Billy and the MP's

Beau & Mike
(Mike came all the way from Michigan)
Beau showing off his new Clothes
(His Civi's as he called them)
Billy Loves his Beau
Dropping off Beau back at the Base
Goodbye Hugs...
See you Later....Beau
We Can't Wait to Visit You in Pensacola!!

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