Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break 2010

It's Finally Spring Break for the kids. We picked them up Saturday after some bad traffic delays. We arrived home safe and ready to start having some fun!!

First Night Dinner
Shrimp Scampi - We just discovered Megan loves it!!
Nate doesn't love shrimp
But he enjoyed the Pasta!!

Then it was time to make the Birthday Cup Cakes
for the Party
While I baked the kids had some dancing fun with the Wii
Nate is a natural dancer but spent most of his night updating
his facebook page...
Megan never stopped until it was time for bed...They Slept Great!!

First Morning...snuggling with Daddy..while I made Pancakes
Look how happy My Baby is with his babies!! Bliss

It's time for the Birthday Celebration...
The weather was bad so the pool party turned into a house
Pizza Party - Good Pizza
And Yummy Garlic Bread and Salad that Aunt Dot
made for us!! Thanks Aunt Dot!!

The Cup Cakes are ready and the Pizza is eaten
Now its time for Presents.....the best part!!
Nate got lots of Cash to go shopping at Harbor Freight
his favorite Tool Shop
He got some really Cool HD Sun Glasses from the Moschettes
He's too cool now...
He also got 5 iTunes gift cards
so he can load up his new iPod Touch
He got from Grandma & Grandpa Miller
LEGO's yeah baby!!
Nathan Says: THANK YOU for all of his Super Cool
Gifts and Fun Party!!

Its time to Blow Out the Candles
Singing Happy Birthday to Nathan
The Candles are out...he was to quick fo me to
capture the shot
Notice he had is iPod Touch in his hands....he just won't put it down
He's even figured out how to call people on the iPod!!

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!
We Hope You Had the BEST Birthday Ever!!

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