Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cruise Pictures Post #1

It will take several posts to get through all the pics....

These are the pictures leaving the Port and from around the ship

Rob & I watching on the Top Deck of the ship

Chad & Gina
 Leaving the port...that's the Carnival Ship in front of us

 Coco Beach Coast line
 That's NASA in the background
 It was pretty Windy up there

Chad relaxing

The Kid Free Zone Pool

The Main Pool - The Set Sail Party going on

Rob's Favorite Place on the Boat
The Flow Rider
 The Rock Climbing Wall
 The Best Kiddie Pool Ever!!

Our Stateroom
I took other pictures of our room but I think I deleted
them because they are gone...
Below is the Window in our room...
This was the ONE Thing that
I was not happy see the window, well
they call that a Port Hole, not a window, it was tiny,
you couldn't even see out of it, if you didn't stand on
the bed to look out.
My Sister and I both paid for outside
cabins okay and Gina's room is right next door scroll down
to look at their window!!!

Our PORT Hole window

 Gina & Chad's window...are you kidding me???
You see the difference, huge difference!!
But the other than that it was great!!!
Beds & Pillows were super comfy!!

Check back tomorrow for our Cruise Post #2

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