Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day Trip to Beach in Naples

On Saturday my friend Maria from work and I drove over to Naples for the day to meet up with our other friend Kelly and her beautiful daughter Caylie and Kelly's Mom Pat.

We had a GREAT Day, started off meeting Kelly, Caylie, Pat at the Cove Resort The Cove Inn Resort for a quick breakfast (Thanks for the bagels Kel) and then off to the beach, after a few hours at the beach we went back to the resort and enjoyed a pool side lunch, and cooled off in the pool for a few hours, then we got changed and headed out to enjoy a little retail therapy in downtown Naples, then we had a nice dinner at every one's favorite pizza restaurant, Aurelio's  ( I had to bring a pizza home for Rob it's his favorite pizza in Florida) and then of course we needed some dessert before we headed home, so one last stop at Abbott's for some custard. This is a place from Maria's hometown in New York, so it was an extra special treat for Maria, and it was really yummy!!!

You never know who you'll meet on the beach....we met a young man, with an interesting story, at first we thought what the heck is this guy thinking...he was alone on the beach with three kids, a baby boy (Sawyer) a 3 year old little girl (Jemma) and a 4 year old (Taylor) with no supplies at all, no towels and no Sunscreen!! The little girl comes over and started playing with Caylie, and eventually the baby, who I think was 13 months old crawls over, eating as much sand as he could on the way and finally the Daddy comes over and Kelly tells the guy it was okay for the baby to come over and can she please put some sunscreen on the baby who was clearly burning up!!

Well we find out this guy was only 28 years old, lives right off the beach (so right away we think he must be rich), and we find out he has another child at home with his wife, a 2 month baby. Then he starts telling us his story, his oldest boy Taylor is autistic and he was just trying to get the kids out of the house for a minute while his wife gets a little sleep and then he ends up staying longer because the kids are having fun. But we can clearly see he has his hands full. We find out he grew up in Naples but also has lived in California and will probably be moving back soon as he is a voice actor. He was really good with his autistic child and very patient. All the kids were gorgeous!!! So our day at the beach wasn't very relaxing but it was still fun and interesting!!

Here are a few pictures....

Here's the beautiful Caylie with her new little
friend Jemma
 This is Jemma with her baby brother Sawyer
He was a cute little Chunk!!
 As you can see the baby gets left unattended while
the Daddy has to tend to the older boy..but he knew we
were watching him

 The Naples Beach is always so Calm and Beautiful

 Kelly got a chance to try out this Surf/Paddle Board
She did a GREAT job!!
 Toes in the Sand
 Miss Caylie in the pool cooling off
 The Marina at The Cove Inn...Naples Bay

 Kelly & Pat's room - great view of the Bay
It was a fun Day!! And I can't wait to go back!!!

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