Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Crazy Fun Times………

I don’t know about you guys but it’s been crazy busy for us. I was off work Wednesday through Friday (thank goodness!!!) and I finished all my shopping and on Friday I spent all day, and I mean ALL day wrapping presents. I needed to get everything wrapped, as Megan & Nathan were returning from their cruise on Saturday.
We picked them up Saturday morning and they had the BEST time ever!! Megan even got her hair braided in Jamaica. We spent the day hanging out with the kids, my friend Laura, Kristin (the kids Mom) and her husband Joe. Yes, it’s true my husband’s x-wife and her husband, we all get along great and we enjoy sharing our time with them and the kids, it’s a blended family that works great for us and especially for the kids. I hear so many horrible stories about x-wifes and x-husbands and step kids. But we all get along and it’s GREAT. We are very blessed and lucky and we think it’s healthy for the kids. Because it should be about the kids not us.
We are so thankful that Kristin & Joe are letting the kids spend Christmas with us this year. I can’t tell you happy we are. I know how hard it’ll be for Kristin to be away from her kids on Christmas, so Kristin, thank you so much and you are in our thoughts and hearts. The kids are so happy to be with their Dad, they can’t get enough of him and it’s the same with him, he is so happy to have all three kids here. We just came from the movies, we went to see the Chipmunk movie. It was adorable!!! Go see it with your kids.

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