Monday, December 17, 2007

Ian showing off his Tripp Jacket

Ian has been bugging us about getting him some “Tripp” Pants, but we said no way because they are just ridiculous. I think the pants weigh more than he does. Here’s a picture of a pair of “Tripp” pants, not to mention they are very expensive. I don't about you but it reminds us of the Michael Jackson Thriller Video....LOL

He came down with a "Tripp" Jacket that his friend Kyle allegedly grew out of. We told him it's not cold down here and there was no need to bring it, of course he brought it. So here are some pictures of Ian showing off his Tripp Jacket. I guess the jacket is not as bad as the pants, but still a bit much...I guess we should be happy that he finally cut his hair!!! Now we can see his gorgeous face.

This is his GQ photo...LOL

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