Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I don't know about you people but I am soooo behind in my Christmas shopping!! Usually I am on top of my game and have most of it done by now. But this year I am in a funk and I can not snap out of it. It's been a rough year and I have to force myself to get through this Holiday. This weekend is the only weekend I have left to shop as next weekend we're off to visit the kids. So pray for me people!! Pray that I find the perfect gifts for everyone or at least something we can afford....LOL
First I have to drop off all the goodies we collected at work for Kids In Distress and I am very excited about that!!! My department all stepped up and pitched in and some less fortunate children and their families will have a better Christmas this year because of our group!! Thanks guys!! If I believed in Christmas Miracles .....this guy would do all my Shopping for me!! and all the house cleaning and laundry for that matter!!! ho ho ho ....WHAT!! Rob could have his own little helper too....ME