Monday, December 15, 2008

Jonas Brothers.....obsession

Okay, we all know that the latest teenage craze right now is the Jonas Brothers. Well when I was a teenager between 10 and 14, I was into Leaf Garrett, Sean Cassidy and I adored Scott Baio and I had some pictures on my walls. But you won't believe this.
When we were at our friends Christmas party over the weekend, we got a look at their daughter's bedroom, the adorable Amanda!!! I still think of Amanda as little sweet baby girl, but somehow she managed to grow up and apparently she's obsessed with the Jonas Brothers.
Check out these pictures of her room, it is covered floor to ceiling with the Jonas Brothers
Welcome to Amanda's room....this is her bed & TV......
all the dressers are covered
Notice the ceiling fan....YES this is the ceiling
There was not a surface that wasn't covered with these pictures

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