Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pix from Rob's Visit Home...

Rob spent a long weekend at home in Illinois and he had the BEST Time ever catching up with his family and old friends. Below are the pictures he took, apparently he let the kids use the camera and there were lots of photos with no heads or pictures of the floor, so these are what I was able to use.........
Rob & Dad...Together Again
Bon-Fire they made while camping out in the backyard
Lots of Cuteness here!!!
Matthew, Gracie & Ryan
Dad & Craig
Rob's BFF Craig (also Brother-in-law)
Matthew & Kylie Pictures from Park they visited
Rob had to get this picture of the fishing rules

Kylie & Matthew
Tyler & Kylie
Matthew & Kylie

Jen - (our family photographer)
Map of the Park
The Beach Area
I'm sorry all you Northern's but this is NOT a beach!!
Come to Florida and I'll show you a Real BEACH!!!
Dad with Matthew, Tyler & Kylie
Rob's Old Friend Mike K.
Craig , Tonya & Gracie's House....look at Gracie!!!
Here comes lots of GRACIE Cuteness!!!
The Girls playing in the pool (Gracie & Kylie)

Can you stand how cute she is!!!!
This is the ONLY picture Rob took of little Brother Blake!!
There's my Baby!!This little Cutie Pie is Heather Ann's baby Ryan
Ryan & Gracie!!
The Miller's Cat
So that's it, I am so sad there were NO pictures of Mom Marica, Tonya or Blake or a group shot of everyone. But Jen is sending me a disc with all the pictures she took , so hopefully there will be lots more pictures soon!!!

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