Friday, August 14, 2009

Rob going to his home town.....

This Morning Rob flew from South Florida all the way to Northern Illinois
to his hometown to visit his family and friends.
I miss him already!!!

I so wish I could be there with Rob today when he sees Dad, as this trip was a Surprise for Rob's Dad's Birthday, he doesn't know Rob is going to be there and it's been many many years since they've actually seen each other.
Things happen in our lives that get so crazy that we just don't know how to go back.....but the good news is Family is always your Family and no matter how much time passes by and no matter what happens, you know that they will always be there for you, and you realize they always been and they always will be. Being together as a Family is really all that matters and Rob is so very happy to have all of his family back in his life again.
I'd like to Say to my Sweetheart of a Husband: Babe I hope you have the BEST Trip ever and enjoy every second of your time with your family and while your away from me, please know you are in my heart and I won't stop thinking about you for a second!!! I Love You!!
Stay tuned for pictures everyone.....I sent him with a camera, so we'll see what he comes back with...

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