Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Wrap Up.....2009

Here are some pictures from our final adventure of the Summer with the kids. We took a trip to New Smyrna Beach and had a short but fun little beach get away.

This was the BEST Summer ever!!! The kids had so much fun, they laughed, they played, they swam, they made new friends, they hung out with their good friends, they snorkeled, they fished, they learned to scuba (Nate), they went to camp (Megan). Celebrated Megan's 10th birthday. Ian celebrated his friend Jessica's 16th Birthday, they celebrated "The Buck"s (Dad) Birthday. They went to the movies, they drove their remote control boats around and they all got lots of new goodies and Nate only had 1 injury this summer. (no stitches this time).
And the Best part was Ian, Nathan and Megan got to talk to their Grandpa & Grandma Miller, their Aunt Tonya & Uncle Craig and Aunt Heather Ann, for the first time and they are now very excited and thrilled about their extended family and can't wait to meet them all this Christmas.
Yes, they can drive us crazy at times, but they are kids and we are missing them like crazy and it's so quite around the house!!! We are sad but we get happy looking at all the pictures and remembering the fun summer we all had. We can't wait to see them again in a few weeks.
Enjoy the pictures......
Little Mama - Sitting in the car all ready to go to the beach
This was our view from the condo
We arrived just in time for the Mid Day Storm......
Here comes the rain...looks pretty cool over the ocean
Rob and Dad - Grilling Out
Ian talking to the girls....they found him 10 minutes after we arrived
Nathan also found time for the ladies....
Rob told the boys the Miller Love Spell is hard for the girls to resist....LOL
Rob, Megan & Ian walking down the beach to see the baby sea turtles
Megan boogie boarding....
She wiped out and then she was done....

The boys making friends on the beach
The Pool Area
Our Nephew Billy
Handsome Ian
Rob & Kids on the balcony being goofy
Love these guys!!!
All Sad, getting ready to leave......
More pictures of the beach and morning sunrise coming soon.......

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