Monday, November 9, 2009

Bedroom Make Over - Update

Our bedroom is still a work in progress
 but we DID find some art work to go over our bed.
They appear to be small in the picture but they are not , they are pretty good size for the wall even though it doesn't really look like it in this picture. We Just Love Them.....
You gotta LOVE Bealls Outlet People!!!

Don't look at the messy made bed...

Here's a veiw of the other wall....It's getting there

What do you think so far?
Rob is THREATING to build me a nice white book shelf but APPARENTLY he has to get his shop ready to start building, whatever that means, but he's been getting it READY for weeks now. It if takes as long to build the shelf as it does to prepare to build it, then I"m guessing it'll be my Birthday present in March!!

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