Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rob's Wish List for Santa

This year will be a year when we buy for the Kids only since everyone is so broke this year. Well I told Rob I didn't need anything anyway, so no big deal for me. I am happy just seeing all the kids open their goodies. But ROB did drag me to the local WoodCraft store. http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2005374/29168/Kreg-Jig-K3-Master-System-Promo.aspx
Because apparently his Wish list has something he needs. It's called a Kreg Jig, whatever that it is. He did explain to me, in great detail, (snooze snooze) what it actually does but I really have no idea what it is, I did see his lips moving and he was pointing and so serious but I dont' know, I think it makes some type of holes in wood. I can't get excited over it I don't think it even turns on at all and look at it, it's not pink or sparkly, it just a tool!! But apparently he's very excited about it. I asked him if he needs this to build my book shelves and he tried to say yes, but then I reminded him of all the other things he's built without it, so he just had to smile and stop talking.

So Dear Santa - If you happen to be passing by Cypress Bend this Christmas and you have an extra Kreg Jig in your bag, Robby's been a pretty good boy this year!!!

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