Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lyla Turns One!!

Our good friends Lauren & Jamie's baby girl, Lyla Rose, is Turning One tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday over the weekend. Here's a few pictures.
Lyla's Princess Cake

Lyla's Cake - just for her!!

Lyla waiting for her cake!!!

Lyla looking at her silly brother Joey - He's so happy!!

Lyla - not sure what to do with her cake

So her Daddy helps dig in...

Now she gets it....

Yummy this is good stuff!!

Joey and his buddy waiting for cute

Hanging at the play ground

Baby Gia - came to the Party

Baby Gia is only 7 weeks old - she's a little cutie!!

Thanks for inviting us to your Party Lyla!!
Happy Birthday Lyla Rose!!!

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