Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rob's Fish

Since Rob's work has been sooooo slow, he's had plenty of time on his hands to go fishing. When he goes Bass fishing he always catches a lot of fish, but he's been fishing for months in the Ocean and never really coming home with any fish, of course he's not deep sea fishing as he's in that tiny boat. But for Rob Salt Water fishing has become his passion and he's dying to get some good fish. He did not grow up near the ocean so his Salt Water fishing skills aren't as good as his Fresh Water Skills...hee hee. I try to give him some pointers but ya know he doesn't listen to me, I"m just a girl, but I ALWAYS out fish him...HELLO.

Well yesterday it finally happened Rob caught himself a keeper!! A Snapper, he was very excited. I think he has already sent this picture to everyone he knows...LOL

Look how big it is....I'm talking about the Fish, not the Belly....
Nice Snapper there Babe!! Keep em coming

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